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I couldn’t make an apt reply, truly I had been fast paced in research & because of some uncongenial situation I stored you waiting around so prolonged, I’m very sorry. Remember to browse totally.

Muslims have confidence in the main one that once the Demise In this particular globe we are going to be resurrected by God and he will produce his judgement then we will head to Heaven or Hell as well as their we will live forever. So we will Reside in this earth only one time not 7 occasions.

This is factually Incorrect.Specified animal species have an innate sensation of self and appropriate and Incorrect. You have to examine altruism within the animal kingdom that is sad to say lacking in abrahmic religions

“I died and was born all over again, and having been born I died once more. I've tenanted A huge number of distinct bodies.

@pagal-shankar, is ka solution dene mein dar gaya kiya? pol khulne ka darr hai kiya ki tu bhi bina dekhai cheezon ko manta hai??? teri asani k liye phir likh deta hun …hahahaha

1. I questioned about the objective of Allah guiding development and never of human beings as people did not exist in advance of generation! Should you say He produced us to worship Him, it proves that Allah has desires and so He isn't fantastic. Reason is usually for possibly Allah or individuals. If Allah experienced no intent for himself and individuals didn't exist at that time, there would not be any development because there was no person who may be benefited by this reason!

Based on Buddhism it's not the supreme atman or soul that ties a single life to another, instead it talks about previous lives as evolvement of consciousness, emergence of a brand new persona in the very same stream of consciousness.

there are lots of hindu scholars of Sanskrit who have confidence in pantheism or several gods. swami vivekanand think that hindus here must religion in crores gods and he has provided arguments from veda. no aryasamaji will be able to refute his allegations.

Right after generating two prosperous films, makers are planning the third Installment of this series.[64]Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez would be the male and woman potential customers inside the third installment.

“The working senses are outstanding to uninteresting subject; thoughts is greater in comparison to the senses; intelligence is still better in comparison to the mind; and he (the soul) is even greater in comparison to the intelligence.” (three.42)

And however isn’t there a problems? For instance, you'll have previously intellectually comprehended extremely nicely you are not the body — but you may still contain the dread of Dying. Doesn’t that signify you didn’t are aware of it by knowledge? Once you’ve comprehended by encounter, you should have no fear of Loss of life, since you know which you could’t definitely die.

aapko apne dharam pe ahamkar ho gaya hai .ahamkar kisi bhi chees ke liye nahi karn chahiye which includes dharam. aap hindu nahi ho ahamkari ho.

yeh shankar kon hai jiski tu jaijaikar kar raha hai? kiya tune dhekha hai shankar ko? agar han to kahan dekha hai? moorti mein?

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